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We hire native English speaking virtual assistants from US & Canada. No language barriers for you or your customers.

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Daily Tasks

Our clients say their VAs take care of 80-90% of their daily tasks. Free up your own time to market and grow your business.

High Level of
Insight & Skills

Our VAs are experienced professionals, fully trained in the daily responsibilities of your local service business.

What We Do

Our Services

Phone Calls

Handling phone calls is one of the biggest distractions during the day. Don’t let them slow you down any longer. Our virtual assistants and receptionists are experts on the phone. Whether you want us to handle incoming calls or make follow-up calls, we can handle it.


Whether you want us to manage your personal schedule or schedule your teams for jobs, we can do both. We’ll handle coordinating between teams and making sure every appointment is covered.


At the end of the day this can often be overlooked and forgotten. Not anymore. Our VA’s can take care of billing customers for you. We can send invoices, follow up with customers and charge credit cards through your payment processor.


We’ll manage your inbox, keeping it clean and organized. We’ll also respond to customer and any other inquiries. If you have templates you like to use, we can also work with those.

Manage Teams

For most of our clients we manage their teams. Cleaning teams, painting crews and even master electricians. We’ll schedule their day, send them customer details and be available for any problems that come up throughout the day.


Struggling to find new employees? We can assist you in posting ads, looking through candidate profiles, reviewing applications and scheduling phone interviews.


Our VA’s are trained professionals when it comes to customer service. We can handle complaints, follow up surveys and answer any questions for them.


If you have daily admin tasks or paperwork that needs to be completed just let us know how you’d like it done and we’ll make sure it’s completed.


We can also take care of basic marketing tasks such as follow-up for you. Whether that’s through follow-up calls, replying to lead services such as thumbtack, or emailing prospects.

It's seriously as easy as 1-2-3!

How It Works


First, you'll schedule a call with us to discuss your business and how we can help you by clicking the yellow "Schedule a Call" button to the left. Then, once you decide to move forward with a wonderful new VA you notify us so we can send over our contract (month-to-month) for you to look through. Once signed, we will put the initial charge through for the package you have chosen and we will then begin work on our end for your company.


Fill Quizs

You will begin receiving our short, but helpful onboarding email series walking you through each step as we get started. In it, there are a couple of short questionnaires we ask you to fill out which will help us to match you with a VA we think will be a good personality fit for you and the Shine-This team.


Getting Started

Our team will reach to go over getting started in-depth, as well as to coordinate VA interviews so you have a chance to meet the VAs we think will fit right-in at your company.



Once you have interviewed and selected a VA, we will begin onboarding them for you. This includes helping you get them setup in your phone & email systems, meeting your teams, and how to work together.



Lastly, we will be checking-in regularly to see how they are doing, if there is any other areas we can assist with, or if you have any concerns throughout.

They love us

Case Study

How Our VA Closed a $92,000 Deal And Let Brandon Quit His Day Job

Our VA was taking care of day to day operations including outbound marketing when she found a warm lead for a long term commercial contract. Using her customer service skills and knowledge of the business she closed the deal upwards of $92,000 and let Brandon quit his job.

Read More
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Our Packages

Choose the virtual assistant package that's right for you. You can always change your package later.


  • Ideal for smaller businesses
  • Great for handling 2-3 core business tasks daily.
  • Free up your time, focus on your personal strengths
  • A dedicated, US-based assistant with industry experience


  • Work on your business, not in it
  • Ideal for more established businesses who require a full-time manager overseeing the office
  • Perfect for managing 90% of your business day to day tasks
  • Allows you to travel extensively or gradually become an absentee owner

Grow With Inove Local

Inova Local specializes in providing virtual assistants and office managers for local businesses. We are fellow local business owners so have designed our services to work synergistically with you at all stages of growth. Here’s how:

You’ll be onboarded with our Operations Manager, Kelli Joy. She’s managed remote teams for nearly a decade, and has helped more than 100 local businesses hire a wonderful virtual assistant.
We’ll also provide you with additional resources like:
Our Client Resource Hub Complete with templates, tools, checklists, procedures, guides and more.
VA Roadmap Your step-by-step timeline to building your VA up to become your own personal operations manager.
Access to our Subject Matter experts Whether you need help with your VA or other business-related matters, our Subject Matter Experts are on-call to provide insight. With our guidance, you can create real-time freedom for yourself by tapping into our network.

Next, you'll be put in touch with our systems specialist, who can help you update your business' systems and procedures for maximum efficiency, so you're getting the most out of your business and VA with minimal wastage. This is a part of our done-for-you systems package and is an optional add-on, but is highly recommended.
It is a 3 step-process where you'll:
1. Meet with our systems specialist so he can learn your current way of operating
2. Then, he will draft a proposed set of changes and send them to you for approval.
3. Our team will implement the approved changes for you, then train your new VA on them.

While our Operations Manager walks you through the onboarding process we'll be hard at work in the background finding the perfect VA for you. We'll walk potential VAs through our 3-step matching process before allowing them to interview with you.

Finally, after systemizing your business and getting setup with a wonderful new VA you'll be ready to go! We will walk you closely through the first 90-days of working together as you begin to settle in and find the best workflow unique to your business and leadership style.
We’ll be checking in on you (and your VA) regularly, especially the first month. We’ll also suggest resources we think will be beneficial to you and provide opportunities for you and your VA to improve together.

Schedule A Business Health Check

If you're ready to take the next step and learn more about hiring a VA, schedule a call with us and we'll answer any questions you have.

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