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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked
questions our customers have before signing up.

  • Do hours rollover?

    Yes. Unlike other virtual assistant companies we ONLY charge you what you paid for, so if you end up having a few hours leftover at the end of the month, they will carry over into the new month.

  • Why should I get a virtual manager instead of an office manager?

    Office managers have a lot of additional expenses that come along with them besides salary. There are taxes, benefits, office rent, training and more. With a virtual manager you only pay them for the hours used and they come pre-trained with your business in mind. You simply save a lot of time, energy and money by going with one of our virtual managers.

  • What happens if I go over hours?

    Don't worry, we will tell you before you run out of hours. If you do need more than anticipated, we will charge you at the same rate as before, and there are no additional charges.

  • Where are your virtual assistants based?

    They are all based in the US or Canada, are native English speakers and have prior administrative or customer support experience. Many have even worked with local businesses before!

  • What if I want to switch VA's?

    That's okay! While this is incredibly rare (our matching process is very thorough), you can always switch to a different VA at any time.

  • How soon can I get up and running with a VA or Virtual Manager?

    Our process is really quick! On average we have you fully running in 5-7 days, but we have done it in as little as 1-3 days when there has been an emergency.

  • Can they really handle EVERYTHING?

    Yes! We currently have dozens of clients where we run their entire business for them! We handle all incoming/outgoing phone calls, we book and schedule new customers, check-in with regular customers, manage their teams and handle problems as they come up, we even handle your business email! Whether you want us to jump in and help with just the things you hate or want us to run it all, we can help.

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