Get Started

What happens if I go over hours?

Don’t worry, we notify you before you run out of hours. If you do need more than anticipated, we can charge you at the same rate as before to adjust your package size for that month.

What if I want to switch VA’s?

That’s okay! While this is incredibly rare (our matching process is very thorough), you can always switch to a different VA at any time.

Can they really handle EVERYTHING?

Almost! We currently have dozens of clients where we run their entire business for them! We handle all incoming/outgoing phone calls, we book and schedule new customers, check-in with regular customers, manage their teams and handle problems as they come up, we even handle your business email! Whether you want us to jump in and help with just the things you hate or want us to run it all, we can help.

That said, there are a just a few key areas we are not qualified to help with and so will be unable to offer assistance. These include:

-Legally representing your business or giving legal advice in a dispute

-Bookkeeping or Accounting

-Complex marketing or sales campaigns, e.g. setting up a Facebook Ad campaign or Google Adwords optimization (we handle small tasks such as follow-up everyday, though)

-Social media marketing

-System migrations, such as migrating from one email host to another and importing/exporting sensitive data

-Website development, design or changes.