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Where are your virtual assistants based?

Our dedicated (one-to-one) VAs are primarily based in North America, though we do have several incredible VAs from overseas. All our VAs are are native English speakers and have prior administrative or customer support experience. Many have even worked with local businesses before!

How can I get started with your service?

For our Virtual Assistant service: Simply head to the Get Started page and click “Schedule A Call”, or if you prefer you can also reach out to us via email at Our VA Manager will be in touch ASAP to get you setup and running.

For Virtual Receptionist service: Head on over to our Virtual Receptionist page and click the “14 day Free Trial” button. Fill out the attached form and our team will begin getting you setup right away.

Are there any long-term commitments or hidden fees?

No, and no. All our contracts are month-to-month and can be cancelled with as little as 30 days written notice. The only fees you will ever be charged for are the one-time setup fee and your monthly package fee (including any overage for that month, if any). That’s it – no cancellation fees, hidden extra fees or any other fees.

What is the difference between your Virtual Assistants and Virtual Receptionists?

We offer two levels of service depending on the extent of coverage needed. If you just need phone-related duties delegated, such as incoming/outgoing calls, voicemail management, and follow-up calls to clients then our Virtual Receptionist team will be able to assist you best. However, if you need more extensive coverage including scheduling, team management, email management and daily office admin then this is where our dedicated Virtual Assistants come in.

Why should I get a Virtual Assistant instead of an in-house office manager?

Office managers have a lot of additional expenses that come along with them besides salary. There are taxes, benefits, office rent, extensive training (often months), and more. With a Virtual Assistant you only pay them for the hours used and they come pre-trained with your business in mind. In case of any last-minute emergencies, call-offs, or other issues you will also have an entire agency at your back willing to step-in and help cover. You simply save a lot of time, energy and money by going with one of our Virtual Assistants.

What happens if I go over hours?

Don’t worry, we notify you before you run out of hours. If you do need more than anticipated, we can charge you at the same rate as before to adjust your package size for that month.

Where are your virtual receptionists based?

Our virtual receptionist team has become very global – we now have world-class receptionists from several different countries ranging from the US, to Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines. You will only find the most experienced and timely receptionists answering your phones with clear, fluent English.

*Note, while our receptionist team is global, our dedicated one-to-one virtual assistants are all based in North America.

What if I want to switch VA’s?

That’s okay! While this is incredibly rare (our matching process is very thorough), you can always switch to a different VA at any time.

How soon can I get up and running with a Virtual Assistant?

Our process is quick, but thorough! On average we have you fully up-and-running in about 14 days from the date we have officially agreed to work together.

Can they really handle EVERYTHING?

Almost! We currently have dozens of clients where we run their entire business for them! We handle all incoming/outgoing phone calls, we book and schedule new customers, check-in with regular customers, manage their teams and handle problems as they come up, we even handle your business email! Whether you want us to jump in and help with just the things you hate or want us to run it all, we can help.

That said, there are a just a few key areas we are not qualified to help with and so will be unable to offer assistance. These include:

-Legally representing your business or giving legal advice in a dispute

-Bookkeeping or Accounting

-Complex marketing or sales campaigns, e.g. setting up a Facebook Ad campaign or Google Adwords optimization (we handle small tasks such as follow-up everyday, though)

-Social media marketing

-System migrations, such as migrating from one email host to another and importing/exporting sensitive data

-Website development, design or changes.