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The nature of work is changing, and has been for some time. For the first time in history we're able to work local while at the same time actually perform the work from thousands of miles away. Inova Local has been at the forefront pioneering this change in work from day 1. We're a fully remote team of Virtual Assistants helping local business owners around North America to run their businesses. Working with us brings many benefits we hope to see standard across the industry one day - we'll ensure you can work one-on-one with your clients, cover for you when you need a personal day, and make sure you can work the number of hours that you need each week. If you're looking for a long-term remote career then consider applying to join our team.

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Want to work form home doing meaningful work for North America's most exciting small business owners?

We work exclusively with local business owners across North America to help them manage their day-to-day admin tasks. If you've ever worked in a family business or small, local enterprise that's exactly who we're helping. You'll find us manning the phones at a cleaning company, managing the painting techs for an interior painter, or scheduling appointments for your local dentist. So if you're an expert in "local", let's talk!

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What will a typical working day look like?

After going through our hiring and matching process, here is what a typical day with us will look like. You will begin your work day by rising up and early to assist your client (e.g. a cleaning company) with their morning tasks. These may include: -Checking for any unanswered emails or calls from the night before after closing. -Ensuring all cleanings for the day have an assigned team -Making follow-up calls to several potential customers who expressed an interest in booking a clean -Sending the teams out to their first cleaning for the day Then, during the day you can expect to communicate with both teams and customers as they go from job to job. You'll need to make sure everyone arrives on time, feedback is taken in a timely manner, leads are followed-up with on Yelp or Thumbtack, and you notify the owner of an issues that crop up. This is the bulk of your day and typically involves some juggling. Then, towards the end of the day you may perform some closing tasks in preparation for tomorrow, such as: -Contacting customers who had a cleaning that day to ensure everything went well -Asking happy client to leave a review on Google or Yelp -Put card charges through for each clean -Respond to any last minute messages from customers or teams -Send out tomorrow's schedule And that's it for the day! Of course, your day won't look exactly like this but if you go into working with us with the above in mind you'll find it hits close to home.

How will I be matched with clients?

When we match you with a client we are looking at a number of factors that should align including timezones, skill-fit, general availability and, most importantly, personality fit. We want each of your clients to be with you for the long-term, and in fact many of our VAs are still working with their original clients going on 5 years with us now. This type of stability is crucial to working at your best, and allows real, lasting work relationships to develop. So after signing on with Inova Local you will typically interview with several clients until you both feel there is a good fit (we will never force you to take on a client you feel uncomfortable with) and then we will also provide feedback to help you decide. If all parties agree it is a go, then we'll begin the onboarding process so you can start work for your client/.

Should I still apply if I am based outside of North America?

At this time, we are only able to accept applicants from North America. However, we do sometimes require international experience and will post positions as needed.

What if I need to take a personal day off?

You will be well-covered. Life happens, and needing personal time is a big reason so many of us are transitioning to a work-from-home position. Just give us the requested period of notice (which we cover during onboarding) and we will ensure your clients are taken care of while you are away.

Do I need to answer phone calls all day?

Nope - we are not a call center. Follow-up calls or scheduling appointments is a normal part of our day, but it is just one task among many. Typically, you'll have anywhere from 3-10 short calls crop up throughout the day for various reasons. We will never ask you to make a cold call as it is not a service we offer to clients.


What Our Virtual Assistant Says

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I’ve been a Virtual Manager with Inova Local for 4 years now. Like any job there are good days and bad days... Great customers and not so great customers. I work with two fantastic companies in two very different parts of the country. It’s all because of Inova Local that I’ve been able to form positive relationships with these owners and with our cleaning teams. It’s truly more like family than a job. I appreciate the support I receive through Inova Local. I don’t ask for a lot of help, but when I need it, I get it. There has never been a day when I felt like my needs weren’t met. I wouldn’t have hung around for 4 years if the environment was toxic. I’ve always felt supported and heard when I needed to be heard. Kindness and respect go a long way in my book. I’ve given them 4 years and hopefully have the opportunity to give 4 more.


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