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The story behind InoVA Local

InoVA Local started back in early 2017 when our owner, Chris Schwab, realized if he wanted to have the freedom to travel and be with his (now) wife over in Japan, he could no longer continue running his cleaning business in Washington, D.C. as he had been. After looking to what other industries such as eCommerce were doing successfully, he knew Virtual Assistants were the answer, but it seemed impossible to pull this off with a local service business. Nevertheless, following an intense period of restructuring the foundation of his business and putting in place proper systems that would automate large parts of the business he was able to train two fantastic Virtual Assistants and begin handing over everything to them. He has not been back to Washington, D.C. a single time in half a decade and cleaners are still getting hired, homes getting cleaned, and happy customers reporting back every single day. This worked so well that news quickly spread and other local business owners begin asking him to train VAs for their companies too. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of local business owners all around North America and the UK to offer this very same service - a world-class VA who understands how to manage the daily operations for you.

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Case Study

See how Chris run Think Maids in only 10 minutes a day with our virtual assistants.

Check out our case studies page to find out how Chris has been running his Washington, D.C. based cleaning company all the way from Tokyo & London in only 10 minutes a day with our Virtual Assistants. Without having been back to Washington, D.C. a single time in years.

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Chris Schwab

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Angélica Ortiz

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We hire native English speaking virtual assistants from US & Canada. No language barriers for you or your customers.

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Our clients say their VAs take care of 80-90% of their daily tasks. Free up your own time to market and grow your business.

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We'll even help automate key tasks in your business once we're setup. Never worry about mundane tasks again!

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